Jul 09

rezime said: <3!

You better stop!!!! :)! Actually…no..go on..:) how have you been.

Jul 06



Jul 05

askmeificare- said: Hello :)

Ghuten tauhg

6fatsy6clein6 said: bummerrrrrrrrrrrrrr :/ hahaha

You stop that flattery

Jul 04

6fatsy6clein6 said: HOW DARE YOU!!!! my heart is broken. :: insert boowhooing here :

Im sorry…I’ve failed

6fatsy6clein6 said: well it is a good thing that i only play one on tv then, huh?

Exactly!!! By the way..I do wear underwear…I lied..

6fatsy6clein6 said: yes, a dr at a local hospital who passion for people knows no bounds.

Hhmmn….I don’t trust doctors..

6fatsy6clein6 said: yes, yes, yes. guess you just don't see what i see. trust me, i'm a dr. ( i'm not really a dr.)

But you play a doctor on T.V. right?

6fatsy6clein6 said: yes, you! i may or may not have lurked you archive. bikes, beards, booze, and babes. and even without your beard you are still gorgeous :)

Gorgeous!?!?!?!?! No no no…

patientwolves-deactivated201307 said: Happy 4th!

Thank you! Same to you!